Tuesday, November 8, 2022

11/8/22 - Storytellers, Truth, and The Great War of the 21st Century

Todd's back for the midterms and starts off by blasting the populist Poor Media Victim attitude, exploring whether propaganda and media literacy even matter, discussing informational warfare, and the finer points of navigating ideological drift and its extremists. 

Segment 2 (23:00): the Democrats' abortion debacle, The Sham-Wow Guy vs. Fettergump, and how the '22 midterms are a sure sign Idiocracy is here.  

Segment 3 (39:00): There were no blacks on the World Series rosters. So? 

Segment 4 (58:20): Elon's Twitter drama, his inevitable choice between free speech absolutism and truth ministers, euphemism warnings, then returns to The 21st Century Informational War and how human self-deception is converging with technology to trigger a battle over reality itself.

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Music by Yellow Pills!  https://open.spotify.com/artist/7rDvBzvGcNPV3BYZ1n5VdZ