Sunday, January 22, 2023

1/22/23 - B for Boomerang

Studio 4 opens with a new episode and a new live stream on Twitch! This week at Davos, an official of the EU Taliban's Morality Police wants everyone to know that European hate speech laws "are coming to the United States." Do liberals realize that they've become exactly what  they used to hate? Grab Chief Wahoo gear while you can! Also, Biden destroys whatever credible self-righteousness Democrats had left, and thanks to BLM, performative reparations legislation, and far left bigoted preaching about the inherent evils of "whiteness," the cultural boomerang has begun its return journey. Finally, where tech and agitprop converge, the Great War of the 21st Century will be fought during Propaganda's Golden Age. An oblivious species with no self-awareness has no chance of surviving that as free men.

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Music by Yellow Pills!