Friday, November 18, 2022

11/17/22 - Our November Surprise, TikTok, and Rocks From Uranus

Reflecting on the rather shocking midterms and Trump's uninspired announcement. Was he pouting after being robbed of his triumphant return? Or worried about investigations?

Segment 2 (16:02): The changing social media landscape and TikTok posing an obvious data-driven election threat from China.

Segment 3 (22:12): Mankind at its best: Artemis finally lifted off sending Orion to the moon! 

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

11/8/22 - Storytellers, Truth, and The Great War of the 21st Century

Todd's back for the midterms and starts off by blasting the populist Poor Media Victim attitude, exploring whether propaganda and media literacy even matter, discussing informational warfare, and the finer points of navigating ideological drift and its extremists. 

Segment 2 (23:00): the Democrats' abortion debacle, The Sham-Wow Guy vs. Fettergump, and how the '22 midterms are a sure sign Idiocracy is here.  

Segment 3 (39:00): There were no blacks on the World Series rosters. So? 

Segment 4 (58:20): Elon's Twitter drama, his inevitable choice between free speech absolutism and truth ministers, euphemism warnings, then returns to The 21st Century Informational War and how human self-deception is converging with technology to trigger a battle over reality itself.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Iceberg Ahoy! Validation Junkies & The Chosen Ones (9/10/19)


From 2019:

Social validation, dopamine, and social media's Walter White; more on how people are more willing and eager than deceived when it comes to swallowing fiction and disinformation; choking on data leading to confused gullibility; honestly in a crisis; Sausage Party Hope: children demanding their happy ending. Where's the spring of genuine hope?


  • The Battle of the 21st Century
  • The iceberg bobbing off our bow
  • Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube: Walter White cutting his meth supply? 
  • Pinker's Utopian vs. Tragic Vision
  • Evolution and self-awareness
  • The bi-weekly apocalypse and their "chosen ones"
  • Progress's Myth and becoming organic



Friday, August 19, 2022

Story: The Propaganda Paradox (5-9-20)

From #79, this episode dove in to storytelling, a central theme in the quest to not only understand but hopefully fight propaganda's mind hack. Also, the relationship between stories, hope, and both kinds of religion: theological & ideological. What's the major distinction and why I believe traditional religion deserves its pass...on ONE ironclad condition.

Watch YouTube for new video from July's scrapped episode! A flood of fresh audio is coming!  




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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Reload: All You Need Is Doubt (1/4/21)

  • The first of what will be weekly reloads highlighting ETC segments from the first 111-shows.

From #97, this episode featured uplifting topics such as: why it's not necessary to conquer a democracy when a just little doubt'll do ya. Also, how can a nation avoid inevitable conflict when each half of the country functions according to different rules of factual physics? Is there a relationship between likability, deplorability, & disinformation?




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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

8/9/22 - Tribal By Nature & The Invasive Species


The one where Todd finally plants his flag! We're tribal critters who are bound by self-serving fictions; these stories are called cohesive narratives; national myths. And, in this country at least, the collectivist fairy tale of socialism is the antithesis of individualism; the "prepare the road for the child" mentality is mutually exclusive with our established American principle: meritocracy. Collectivist socialism and its "equity" cult is, therefore, an invasive species. Wokeism is an ideological insurgency. But from where?

#111 also features the details of a lengthy and dramatic tribalism re-think, how data overload and its existential chaos push people toward idiocratic political cults, and foreshadowing hints about finding propaganda's Rosetta Stone! Answers are finally coming! But are they the ones you think you want?


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