Friday, July 19, 2019

7/19/19: Renouncing Patriotism And The Nationalist Boomerang

Todd, Chris, and Rich discuss how the left always inadvertently triggers heated nationalism with its self-defeating renouncement of patriotism, Zinnification: exploiting idealistic naiveté; how Zinnified agitation propaganda attacks national unity by destroying symbols and cohesively fictitious myths.

  • “Racism” isn’t a "white thing" nor exclusively an American trait
  • The ridiculous notion that propaganda-farting fleshbots are “changing minds”
  • The slow crawl of social progress 
  • Paying Granddaddy’s social debts
  • Immigration and "becoming American"
  • “Socialism rules!" Then why was there a Berlin Wall?
  • Your special personal experience doesn’t matter
  • Child Worship? But, children are literally ignorant
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