Saturday, February 10, 2018

ETC Pod #4: Self-Delusion, Solutions In Truth, and A Side of Crow

In this sprawling episode, Todd attacks Quixoteism & "personal truth": the human tendency toward egocentric self-delusion and how the Sausage Party Hope resides in the commitment to observing objective reality. He also discusses artist "activism", content control and the new feed, third party futility, and the need for one political religion or the other to inter the opposing half of the country inside ideological "concentration camps". You're also given the gift of laughter as he dines on his Twitter "marketing" crow. 2018 says, "Never Say Never!"

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#MAGA? #MeToo? #NotForYou. Use as directed.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Cave Dropping: Ideological Crusaders v. Cultural Savages

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Excerpt from the forthcoming episode #4

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

ETC Pod #3: Capitalist Media 101: It's (We) The People, Stupid

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In this stuffed ideologically blasphemous episode, Todd tears into the popular escapist conspiracy theory about corporate media “dumbing us down to keep us docile and ignorant”. He also dissects the reasons behind why our media is composed exclusively of boutique news outlets producing chum for echo chamber sharks, media desensitization and the cure, as well as the need for sugar-coated truth, insulated and self-cleaning informational ecosystems (news, standup, and Hollywood).

Also: thoughtless “opinion”, “white inheritance”, Sausage Party Hope, #FleecingTheFucktards, and more. Toddzilla is not for everyone. Use only as directed. And, heed the intro!