Friday, October 6, 2017

"Unity" Via Division: Releasing Duality's Kraken

Unity Thru Division is rhetorically disguised tribalism on parade. It's subversively releasing the Kraken of Human Duality: the parable of Krishna's battlefield, Revelations, and the egocentrically externalized God/Devil concepts; several interpretations of the same message.

It's not, and never was "prophecy". It's the inevitable written as digestible mythology; probably part of the bloody evolutionary process needed to determine the course of a species divided and fueled by an infantile sense of self-awareness: the ego and its toddler-like perception that the world (all of "creation", really) revolves around it--self-interest and self-supremacy.

A problem (among many) with theology, tribalized religion, and now-scriptured and increasingly fundamentalist "holy" ideologies, is that in order to infuse, or lure, its "faithful" with Sausage Party Hope, they presume to put their sect on the side of unquestioning "right" when in reality the very term itself is corrupt; bastardized by half-blind binary perception. In fact, the evolutionary outcome will have absolutely nothing to do with any childishly monolithic and barbaric concepts of "right". Notions of "good", especially those personally defined from a selfish "Center of the Universe™" perspective, don't always prevail. Thank God. Eh, Hitler? Stalin? HA! What say you, Hillary?

Dear Hillary,  
That was rhetorical. Shut up. And, for the love of fuck, please don't write another whiney book.  
Love, Todd

Nature is messy, bitches. It has no concept of, nor will it bother with, your petty, clouded, and egocentric definitions of "good" and "evil". Plenty of colorful, peacefully grazing breeds have been rendered extinct by Darwin's brutality.

You want your pacifier of "hope"? Ha! Read the bedtime stories put forth as mythology and quit embarrassing yourselves with these ridiculous proclamations of supposed "equality" and "unity". Oh, and shut the fuck up about "coming together" until you're part of the solution and don't actually mean "let's conquer and impose our beliefs on the barbarians!" See: tyranny.

Ha! Yeah, right! Hilarious! :"The veneer of civilization is very thin." The main thought brought home by a Vietnam commander. Thin, indeed.

In short, there is no M.O.H. here. Winter is coming whether you choose to "believe" (or are ready for) it or not. I'm wholly unequipped to offer symbolic teets to virtual playgrounds of wailing children.

Yeah. I know. You have no fucking idea what I'm talking about. That's ok. You will. Trust me.