Tuesday, February 6, 2018

ETC Pod #3: Capitalist Media 101: It's (We) The People, Stupid

In this dialectically blasphemous episode: thoughts on the popular escapist conspiracy theory about the mainstream media “dumbing us down to keep us docile and ignorant." I also dissect the reasons why our media is now composed nearly exclusively of boutique news outlets producing chum for echo chamber sharks, media desensitization and the cure, as well as the need for sugar-coated truth, and our insulated and self-cleansing propaganda ecosystems (news, standup, and Hollywood).

Also: thoughtless “opinion”, white inheritance, Sausage Party Hope, #FleecingTheFucktards, and more. Not for everyone. Ask your doctor if Toddzilla is right for you. Use only as directed. And heed the intro!