Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Talking Dead: Cyber Mobs 101

Research shows that in 2017, for wildly different ideological reasons, the sooner a writer invokes Adolph Hitler, the more people read it. #TheMoreYouKnow

This needs to be read, so…Hitler. Hitler. Hitler. Hey! Hitler over here!

Good. Glad you made it. Sit tight. Your Hitler fix is coming.

By nature, the mind dies in solitary confinement. It needs the exchange of social, existential, and intellectual energy to thrive. It’s part of our fundamental DNA and without interaction and a primal sense of both emotional and physical belonging our sanity breaks down. There’s a reason solitary is considered death-free capital punishment in prison. It’s the equivalent of psychological torture.

The sharing of experience, perspective, and thought in an effort to move closer to truth has driven not only society but our collective evolution. It’s part of the idea behind the heroic epic and Plato’s “returns”. Therefore, it’s not only counterintuitive, but counterproductive to the species to hoard insights and well thought-out original ideas based on personal experience and perspective. Sharing an accurate and clearly articulated description of our unique sliver of perspective contributes to a better overall interpretation of the massive tapestry of “reality” and “truth” we all share.

“Unique” is the key. Offering something new.  In contemporary talk, this is the distinction between a virtual and organic life; organic intercourse with the physical world bears the healthiest offspring and is diametrically opposed to the retarded and deformed gargoyles birthed via insemination by virtual exposure to The Matrix or cheap orthodoxy and doctrine; the tyrants of our collective mind.

Dining upon secondhand, agenda-powered “perspectives” marketed as an all-encompassing truth to determine your detached worldview; wire the schema; is much more than lazy uncritical thinking. It’s a surrender of the authentic and autonomous self; an abandonment of personalized identity, and it contributes to the stunted, even regressive, retardation of the species.

***Here it is!*** While in prison, one of the books most influencing Hitler was Freud’s work on the group mind thru which he learned much about manipulating mob stupidity. Freud’s work was largely based on Gustav LeBon’s The Crowd.

I could cut and paste half of LeBon’s classic book in the coming paragraphs. I have better things to do. It’s short. Read it. Please.

Something sinister sometimes happens when intellect, active thought, and the human need to belong to a tribe is surrendered to the mob. Mobs annihilate the individual turning them into cells of a larger but infinitely less intelligent, thus more aggressive and dangerous, new organism. With the surrender of cognitive autonomy, the process of sharing companionship, experience, and ideas mutates into something far different: pitchforked mobs resembling the most barbaric of tribes. It helps explain how German pediatricians, men who were otherwise decent upstanding citizens and human beings, could work as concentration camp “doctors” then go home at the end of the day content that they’d done “God’s work”.

Once given over to collectively dogmatic cognition, the individual becomes at its essence a pulsed zombie; a creature engaged in no thought of its own. His brain stops functioning as a “mind” and becomes a reactionary reflex machine instinctively groaning the mob’s drones of “braiiiiinns…” or, today, “I’mmmmm ouuuuuuuutraaaaaged!” “Librullllls baaaaaad!” “Trump vooooters raaaaacist” “Ouuuutraaaaage…. Ouuuutraaaaage!” “Maaaaake merrrricaaa greaaaaate agaaaain!” Each cognitive reflex remotely triggered by devices of convenience we pay for! That brings me to a familiar topic.

Social Media Mobs

This, my friends, is an initial dissection of the Social Media Disease. With the virus floating freely inside countless sealed echo chambers where dehumanizing the “enemy” is the game of choice, it’s no longer required for individuals to physically congregate in order to descend into mob mentality zombieism. The internet has become the virus delivery system; the means by which an external entity can invade anyone’s home to hijack then remotely control the mind.

Don’t like the overused Zombie metaphor? I think it’s beautiful! But, fine. I’ll play along. Let’s use one unique to this century. In many ways these doctrines, dogmas, and orthodoxies deactivate the thought processes in much the same way computer viruses remotely hijack your laptop. Once the ideological trojan horse has extracted itself into and corrupted your neuronet, you’re effectively lobotomized and assimilated into the cybermob while someone else controls your operating system; you’re no longer in control of your machine’s (mind’s) function.

Sure, some security systems are much better than others; some firewalls more sophisticated. But no one’s naturally immune. I have to look no further than myself for an example. I’ve referred to it as Ideological Drift in the past, but a trojan horse methodically extracting itself into my OS feels more accurate. It occurred over the course of several years, as I slowly but steadily assimilated to the lazy notion that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. In my disgust, first for teabaggery then Trump, I slowly allowed the radicalizing Left take control of cognition and perception.

A friend accidentally triggered a metaphorical virus scan in March and, suffice it to say it detected many threats! The first: a vast collection liberal propaganda outlets farting into Facebook’s feed nearly every minute. Next, it was MSNBC’s supposed lesbian Edward R. Murrow requiring extraction and eventually each of the amateur liberal propaganda parrots loitering inside my “friends” list. I came to see each of them as delivering remote commands issued by someone inside a hovering dogma mothership! “Braaiiiiiinnnnnssss!” Since then I’ve been largely able to quarantine then root it out. Yes. Many liberal and conservative mob-butts were hurt in the process.

I understand firsthand how alluring it can be to place yourself at the center of a tribe seeing itself as defending the homeland from the dehumanized barbarian auslanders looking to ideologically rape and pillage. It gives one a sense of self-righteous supremacy, just as it does within classic mobs. No one frothing at the mouth inside Hitler’s beer halls or beating their opponents in the street thought they were anything but right.

What’s most difficult is not the seeing, but admitting you’re not thinking for yourself. It requires an uncommon degree of personal humility and/or commitment to truth. Such acts risk incurring the mob’s backlash; you’re seen as a traitor. The punishment: banishment from the tribe. It sounds silly to fear zombie banishment! But, the fear is significant for most and runs directly back to the original thought at beginning: the need to belong. All this makes is quite hard to disconnect from comfortable anti-intellectual momentum induced by membership in the zombified mob. Would you like me to again invoke the self-deluding traits of the Quixote Complex? How about a link?

Unfortunately, and I actually type this with humility, it would appear that I’m relatively remarkable in viciously protecting my intellectual autonomy. Knowing what it looks and sounds like, my own personal experience has afflicted me with hyper-awareness of the unbelievable number of people who remain obliviously unaware, or worse unconcerned, that their minds have been hijacked.

Warning! Never tell any rhetorically regurgitating zombies they’re not thinking autonomously, especially in front of their mob! 

“Fuck you, patriarchal Trumpbot! Look at my hairy pits! I’m a strong progressive woman! Can’t you see I’m still wearing my “I’m With Her!” pin? And it’s stuck to my liberal Hollister brand! Not that fascist Abercrombie shit! How can you say I’m not an individual? I watch Rachel every night; John Oliver each week! And, look at my Prius! It’s puke green for the environment! I send money to PETA and Greenpeace! Do you? No? Why do you hate animals and the environment? Fascist! And the fact my other car’s a Subaru wagon has nothing to do with my affinity for carpet or gender fluidity! Fuck you, white male breeder! Use my special pronoun! Filthy cocked Misogynist! I need kale! Stat!” 
“Wake up, sheeple socialist! I’m a muthufukkin’ patriot working to take America back from you commie-fascist (!) Libtards so Trump, Kid Rock, and Ted fukkin’ Nugget can make ‘merica great again! Wang dang sweet poontang, bitch!”

You’re right. I put more effort into Moonbeam’s dialogue than Jethro’s. Must mean I’m not an “equality ally”. Ha! It may be a good time to warn any stray hippies that there’s turbulence ahead. Buckle up, Snowflake.

As with the internet, the only sure way of fully protecting yourself, aside from constant personal virus scans, is cutting the cord. Another slightly less effective method but one that's excellent for simply eliminating the cacophony of virtual zombie grunts and groans, is either blocking all incoming connections or designating trusted sites/individuals to be allowed thru your firewall.

As for now, I’m choosing the latter…with a keen eye on the former!

Most of this was the opening to the next post until I realized I'll refer to it quite often and it deserves its own space...